Meeting on 2020-12-23

Participants: ChristianKuehn, LeonhardReichenbach

Meeting on 2020-11-25

Participants: ChristianKuehn, LeonhardReichenbach, DieterHorns
  • still some problems with Indico (QU Days protected) > idea > protect only material and agenda > ChristianKuehn
  • move to Foswiki possible (read-only mode, maintance message), date 1.12, communication via slack, "test user" = DieterHorns
  • In DM responsibles for sub-projects which are also responsible for Twiki, other areas?
  • new video tutorials > DieterHorns
  • PDF: PhD / postdoc hiring template (already filled with standards): MichaelGrefe
  • reduced admin: LeonhardReichenbach
  • start QT: inform Jörg Teschner (after move) > ChristianKuehn choice-yes

Meeting on 2020-10-21

Participants: ChristianKuehn, LeonhardReichenbach, MichaelGrefe, DieterHorns
  • some new people signed up
  • Elisabetta Gallo started platforms section, PFF already with content
  • open access to Twiki, registration on request > LeonhardReichenbach
  • register all persons with QU contract (area coordinators and project managers in CC), ask to assign sub-projects > ChristianKuehn
  • delete names of projects from start page > LeonhardReichenbach
  • DieterHorns created template for selection committee second call positions
  • MichaelGrefe added more publications in areas, tag according to areas > LeonhardReichenbach
  • GW area: add basic content, invite Jochen again > MichaelGrefe choice-yes
  • H area: ask Georg to name someone who takes care of documentation > ChristianKuehn
  • invite data scientits to Twiki > MichaelGrefe choice-yes (also added some structural info for platforms in general)
  • update on migrating to foswiki: LeonhardReichbach still has to adapt many points, date for switch can be fixed in 1-2 weeks
  • switch:shutdown phase (1 week?), check migrated pages and change link
  • usage statistics

Meeting on 2020-09-18

Participants: ChristianKuehn, LeonhardReichenbach, MichaelGrefe, DieterHorns (minutes)
  • Input: It would be good to have the information from member meetings, retreat here.
  • Access control: LeonhardReichenbach will restrict access to domains of DESY and UNIHH
  • Access control: topics related to personnel will be limited to individuals
  • How to get new groups started to provide content?!
  • Server side access rights are distributed to MichaelGrefe, DieterHorns, LeonhardReichenbach, ChristianKuehn
  • Status and migration FOSWiki: Baustellen: User-Profile müssen einmal angepasst werden, kein dashboard, stattdessen gridlayout, muss aber auch händisch gemacht werden. Business Cards need to be replaced? Needs approx. 20 hours
  • Starting Higgs subweb: need to follow the structure of proposal (LeonhardReichenbach will do it)
  • Starting GW subweb: ChristianKuehn will contact Jochen Liske
  • MichaelGrefe will do the sub projects for H!
  • DieterHorns will make a short video on copying a topic
  • QURS shall get a dedicated Web - postponed until after the update
  • Need to re-think about the suggestions of MichaelGrefe

From MichaelGrefe 's post in #twiki:
  • QURS (own web?) with groups for registered PhD, Postdocs, Young Investigators, Coordinators/Admin: should have the councils as sub pages, a restricted page for the coordination group, links to QURS info on QU page, additional welcome infos, Alumni list (to come in future ...)
  • QU Colloquia, Links past and planned and discussion page for coordinators
  • QU Lectures, Links past and planned and discussion page for coordinators
  • QU Guest program, restricted to coordination group
  • QU Scholarship program, restricted to coordination group
  • International collaboration, discussion page for members
  • QU Steering Committee, for restricted exchange and documentation
  • QU Members Assembly, for restricted exchange and documentation
  • QU Hirings, restricted: overview for me, Christian+Eileen, links for committee members e.g. from the corresponding subprojects

Meeting on 2020-08-27

Participants: DieterHorns, LeonhardReichenbach, ChristianKuehn
  • Leonhard writes Mails to Elisabetta Gallo, Jochen Liske, Erika Garutti and Platform Coordinators to invite them to contribute content
  • Foswiki test will be avaible soon
  • Leonhard will set up Higgs and Quantum Theories areas
  • Dieter will ask DM.3 to document their meetings in the Twiki
  • all: work on DM minutes template: forecast, actions, results, need to etc.
  • Leonhard: extend "First Steps"
  • next meeting 9.9.2020
  • TBD: Resolving variables (GROUPMEMBERS for DarkMatterGroup doesn't work)

Meeting on 2020-08-12

Participants: ChristianKuehn, DieterHorns, LeonhardReichenbach
  • System.does not support registration approvals with the default user mapper, check for workaround e.g. putting the entire wiki behind .htaccess
  • Leonhard will set up a Foswiki for testing

Meeting on 2020-07-29

Participants: ChristianKuehn, LeonhardReichenbach
  • The next five events from indico are now displayed on the main page. This will be extended to also be used on the Main.GeneralTopics.Events page.
  • LeonhardReichenbach will ask DieterHorns, JochenLiske and ElisabettaGallo for further wishes of indico integration.
  • The System.logo in the top bar will be exchanged for the QU wordmark.
  • Leonhard will look into additional user management. User registration should require confirmation from someone, ideally on a per project base.
  • Leonhard will evaluate the possibility and feasibility of a migration to Foswiki.
  • The remaining areas should be added
  • A link to this Twiki page disappeared and will be added again.

Meeting on 2020-06-18

Participants: ChristianKuehn, DieterHorns, LeonhardReichenbach
  • Gradually move information from internal web to twiki (e.g. the email lists - for DM: Dieter), Topic: Internal communication with links to all mailman lists
  • Leonhard display of publications
  • Events - use indico information if possible - still no support from DESY, answer / ticket from UCO, get back June/July
  • DieterHorns prepares a walk-through video for project leaders on the use of the TWIKI
  • pick on left-overs from last time: DieterHorns contact ElisabettaGallo
  • is there a mention/notification function LeonhardReichenbach will look into it

Meeting on 2020-06-03

  • Implementation of groups / group hierarchy in place, starts to fill with people (DieterHorns keeps the list updated)
  • Templates for minutes (DieterHorns), progress reports (ChristianKuehn)
  • Structural additions: GW and Platforms as subwebs, GW with top group hierarchy. JochenLiske agreed to extend the structure
  • Platforms: DieterHorns will contact Gregor K. to add next platform
  • entry page re-design: change layout of dashboard, start with welcome-topic, split large panel into two (left for science, right for structure/additional items)
  • entry page re-design: move publication list down, improve formatting, add pubdb (explain what is displayed, e.g. list of papers from fis, pubdb, publications mentioning gepris ID)
  • advertise to find student to help with graphics/banner creation

Meeting on 2020-05-20 - discussion integration GW area

Participants: ChristianKuehn, DieterHorns, LeonhardReichenbach, JochenLiske
  • JochenLiske will take lead to implement GW area in System.(will inform Marcus and invite other GW scientists at the right moment)
  • LeonhardReichenbach will support by copying DM structure for GW
  • Same for platforms (one subweb, 8 user groups, user / PhD + PD for each platform)
  • It’s possible to attribute publications to areas in FIS now (MichaelGrefe will add platforms as well), DieterHorns and JochenLiske will do that for DM and GW
  • LeonhardReichenbach will detach general System.related notes from DM area to make it better visible
  • Showcasing of the tag cloud on the main page is postponed until main page redesign.
  • LeonhardReichenbach is looking for a colleague to support him with graphics etc.
  • No date for next meeting, in two weeks?

Discussion on platforms with ElisabettaGallo

  • user in mailing list could become members of groups in platforms
  • documentation: indico, guests, contributions to strategy papers, publications, links
  • create a subweb for all platforms, treat individual platforms similar to SP

Meeting on 2020-05-13 - discussion on DM, adding other areas

Participants: ChristianKuehn, DieterHorns, LeonhardReichenbach
  • Discussion on upcoming QUday - posters: better use INDICO to collect the posters, creative approach, multi-media
  • Pulling in information from DESY-Indico - ChristianKuehn will check on the possibility to add the IP to the access list, get in contact with RainerPeterFeller on this
  • GW content can not be incorporated at this point - needs to be in the right format and context
  • ChristianKuehn will invite TWIKI-expert JochenLiske to join us in a follow-up meeting to discuss GW needs / coordinate also with area coordinator
  • more technical discussion follows:
  • pulling in information from FIS follows the FIONA approach, works already on the entry page
  • LeonhardReichenbach will add the tag cloud to the entry page
  • banner images: need graphics wizz to do the job - maybe another SHK?
  • PhD and undergraduates can be added in another group (DieterHorns will do this for DM)
  • Once LeonhardReichenbach has login access to the server, he will re-name the WP to SP
  • LeonhardReichenbach will look into defining ways to make the search/expansion on group members easier
  • Copying the group structure to GW and copying the topical pages? Something to discuss next time
  • next meeting foreseen tentatively on 2020-05-20

Status after SCMeeting2020-05-08

  • DM subweb exists
  • Groups created with nested structure, e.g. DM1WP1Group is nested with DM1Group is nested with DMGroup
  • Admin groups - maybe not needed?
  • entry page and topics for Main.DM.ProjectDM1, Main.DM.ProjectDM2, Main.DM.ProjectDM3 added
  • the Dashboard boxes list the description of the group to access the name of the WP
  • users who are in DM have been added to the relevant groups - it would be great to do this straight away for the other areas - why wait?
  • Problem naming scheme for groups/consistency: WP or SP?
  • User links are not going to Main when created in DM subweb. Needs addition
  • provide somehow easy access to code snippets that e.g. expand into all members of an area etc.

Meeting on 2020-04-29 - discussion on setting up the TWIKI

Participants: MichaelGrefe DieterHorns LeonhardReichenbach
  • Struktur QURS: neben Membership etc. den Punkt Early Career Council. darunter student council, postdoc council und YIG council
  • Tagging - more visibility for the tags - include a tag-cloud on the entry page
  • creation of groups takes a little longer LeonhardReichenbach needs access to the server to speed up the process
  • upcoming events from indico to be included in the entry page

Meeting on 2020-04-22 - discussion on setting up the TWIKI

Participants: ChristianKuehn DieterHorns LeonhardReichenbach
  • main web and sub-webs for areas (see previous minutes)
  • Dynamical assignment to groups not possible (security reason), needs to be done by hand (see above)
  • flow-chart from LeonhardReichenbach - suggestion for a hierarchical structure including administration rights
    • Member and KeyResearcher in separate group, undergraduates. attached to workpackage
    • Guest group attached to the area

Meeting on 2020-04-08 - discussion on setting up the TWIKI

Participants: MichaelGrefe DieterHorns LeonhardReichenbach


  • Groups - create workpackages as subgroups of project and as subgroup of area
  • additional groups for SteeringCommittee and QUOffice
  • For other areas: this needs to be done by the coordinators
  • LeonhardReichenbach will look into creating forms to use for the registration (e.g. selector box for the workpackages, multiple selection should be possible)
    • As far as I have looked into it adding users to groups has to be done manually, if the groups are to be used for authentification purposes.
  • one web for each area DM Web, GW Web, QT Web, Higgs Web, Platforms, Administration Web, QURS Web
  • Main Web as entry point (public)
  • Access to webs restricted (registered users only, administration web with some additional constraints when dealing with hiring (steering committee, office) - needs clarification
  • API to FIS to get the publications - authentification (LeonhardReichenbach)
  • FIS: Implement areas as organization unit (MichaelGrefe)

Added later:

  • maybe we should have groups for members, keyresearchers, projectleader, workpackageleader, phd, postdoc
  • forgot to discuss tagging - tbd: collect useful tags to provide structure-independent access
  • next meeting: Wednesday 2020-04-15 13:00-14:00

Meeting on 2020-04-01 - discussion on the structure of the TWIKI

Participants: DieterHorns LeonhardReichenbach ChristianKuehn
  • tbd: include the minutes of the last meeting
  • add a slack channel for interaction


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